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Manuscripts that are submitted or in preparation

  • Temperate and chronic virus competition leads to low lysogen frequency, S. M. Clifton, R. J. Whitaker, and Z. Rapti, (Submitted) Preprint

  • Host controls of within-host disease dynamics, T. Stewart Merril, Z. Rapti and C. E. Caceres.

  • Symbiosis, Stability, and Persistence, L. DeVille, S. Park and Z. Rapti.

  • Spatial modeling of COVID-19: Greece and Andalusia as case examples, P.G. Kevrekidis, J. Cuevas-Maraver, Y. Drossinos, Z. Rapti and G. A. Kevrekidis, Preprint

    Published or accepted articles

    1. Nonlinearity and Biology, Z. Rapti in Emerging Frontiers in Nonlinear Science", Springer nature Switzerland AG Book

    2. Patch centrality affects metapopulation dynamics in small freshwater ponds, C. J. Holmes, Z. Rapti, J. H. Pantel, K. L. Schulz and C. E. Caceres, Theoretical Ecology (2020). Article

    3. Modeling the control of bacterial infections via antibiotic-induced proviruses, S. M. Clifton, T. Kim, J. H. Chandrashekhar, G. A. O'Toole, Z. Rapti, and R. J. Whitaker, mSystems 4 e00221-19 (2019). Article

    4. Indirect effects in a planktonic disease system, Z. Rapti, T. E. Stewart, B. Mueller-Brennan, J. H. Kavouras, C. E. Caceres, Theoretical Population Biology 130, 132-142 (2019). Article

    5. Applications of a class of Herglotz operator pencils, A. K. Barreiro, J. C. Bronski and Z. Rapti, SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 51, 256-275 (2019). Article

    6. Stochastic stability and dynamics of a two-dimensional structurally nonlinear airfoil in turbulent flow, P. Singh, H. C. Yeong, H. Zhang, Z. Rapti and N.S. Namachchivaya, Meccanica 51, 23665-2688 (2016). Article

    7. Effects of intrinsic and extrinsic host mortality on disease spread, Z. Rapti and C. E. Caceres, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 78, 235-253 (2016). Article

    8. The relationship between gene network structure and expression variation within populations and over evolutionary time, Karen E. Sears, Jennifer Maier, Marcelo R. Astroza, Rachel Poe, Sheng Zhong, Kari Kosog, Richard R. Behringer, Chris J. Cretekos, John J. Rasweiler IV and Zoi Rapti, (2 BIOMATH undergraduate students are co-authors), PLoS Genetics, August 28, 2015. Article

    9. Effect of larval competition on the extrinsic incubation period and vectorial capacity of Aedes albopictus for dengue virus, Jeffrey J Bara, Zoi Rapti, Carla Caceres, and Ephantus J. Muturi, PLoS One, May 7 2015. Article

    10. Non-holonomic constraints and their impact on discretizations of Klein-Gordon lattice dynamical models, P. G. Kevrekidis, V. Putkaradze, and Z. Rapti, Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations, AIMS Proceedings 2015, Proceedings of the 10th AIMS International Conference (Madrid, Spain), pages 696-704 Article

    11. Complex Daphnia interactions with parasites and competitors, C. E. Caceres, G. Davis, S. Duple, S. Hall, A. Koss, P. Lee, Z. Rapti, (4 BIOMATH undergraduate students are co-authors), Mathematical Biosciences 258, 148-161 (2014). Article

    12. Defining the color pattern phenotype underlying mimicry in bumble bees, Zoi Rapti, M. Duennes, S. A. Cameron, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 113, 384-404 (2014). Article

    13. Optimal Nudging in Particle Filters (with N. Lingala, N. Perkowski, H.C. Yeong, N. Sri Namachchivaya), Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics 37 160-169 (2014). Article

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