Selected Publications


The (2k-1)-connected multigraphs with at most k-1 disjoint cycles
Henry Kierstead, Alexandr Kostochka, Y.
Combinatorica, to appear.

Ramsey-minimal saturation numbers for matchings
Michael Ferrara, Jaehoon Kim, Y.
Discrete Math. 322(2014), 26-30

A note on list-coloring powers of graphs
Nicholas Kosar, Sarka Petrickova, Benjamin Reiniger, Y.
Discrete Math. 322(2014), 10-14

Large posets of small dimension
Benjamin Reiniger, Y.
Order. May 2015

On the Corrádi-Hajnal theorem and a question of Dirac
Henry Kierstead, Alexandr Kostochka, Y.

Graphs with induced-saturation number zero
Sarah Behrens, Catherine Erbes, Michael Santana, Derrek Yager, Y.

Sharpening an Ore-type version of the Corrádi-Hajnal Theorem
Henry Kierstead, Alexandr Kostochka, Theodore Molla, Y.
In preparation.

Induced Saturation