Bill Kinnersley

Teaching Assistant, UIUC Math
Office: 224 Illini Hall


My research interests lie in combinatorics and discrete, with a focus on extremal graph theory. I am especially interested in game and on-line graph parameters. A “game” parameter models a competition, using a graph or hypergraph as a game board, between two or more players with conflicting objectives. For example, game parameters can be used to model many well-known board games, such as reversi, Connect Four, and tic-tac-toe. An “on-line” parameter models a situation in which one wishes to maximize or minimize some quantity, but must make decisions in “real time”, before all pertinent data is known. (On-line parameters can often be viewed as game parameters in which one player constructs the game board during the course of the game, with the aim of hindering the other player.)

For more detailed information on my research, please refer to my research statement and publication list.

Curriculum Vitae