Graph Theory 2008 (Sandbjerg) Conference Photo

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This photograph was taken on August 21, 2008, at the Graph Theory 2008 Conference in honor of Carsten Thomassen's 60th birthday.

The conference had about 90 participants; most are in this picture. Let your mouse hover over a face to see the name of the participant. (Note: Naming locations in a photograph like this is not hard; see the source file for this page.)

Other participants not present in this photo: Carl-Johan Casselgren, Roland Häggkvist, Jonas Hägglund, Joan Hutchinson, Martin Kochol, Jan Kratochvil, Brendan McKay, S. Pirzada, Paul Seymour, Robin Thomas, Mikkel Thorup. The last of the other views on the conference site shows glimpes of Roland Häggkvist, Joan Hutchinson, and Mikkel Thorup in addition to the people here, and some of those obscured in this picture can be seen more clearly there.
group photo