CGTC38 Conference Photo

photograph taken by Sherri Kiska, annotated by Douglas West

This photograph was taken on June 13, 2007, in front of Altgeld Hall housing the Mathematics Department on the campus of the University of Illinois in Urbana, IL. It shows most of the participants of the Research Experiences for Graduate Students in combinatorics for June 11-13, 2007. The REGS program continues for the full summer term with Illinois students; for the first three days we had five visitors from the University of Louisville. More information on the REGS program from earlier years is available here.

Let your mouse hover over a face to see the name of the participant. Additional participants not pictured: Jeong-Ok Choi, Suil O. (Note: Explorer may not render locations properly; Firefox works better. Naming locations in a photograph like this is not hard; see the source file for this page.)

Please also visit the Gallery of Discrete Mathematicians.

group photo

Participants pictured, by row, from the left
Front Row: Timothy Brauch, Jane Butterfield, Stephen Hartke, Douglas West, Lesley Wiglesworth.

Middle row: Pratik Worah, Christopher Stocker, Timothy LeSaulnier, Tracy Grauman, Kevin Milans, Fang-Kai (Kyle) Jao, Younjin Kim, Hehui Wu, Gexin Yu, Adam Jobson, Andre Kezdy.

Back row: Daniel Cranston, Ben Allgeier, Michael Barrus, Bill Kinnersley, Paul Wenger, Mohit Kumbhat, Noah Prince.