MIGHTY 47 (IIT, Chicago) Conference Photo

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This photograph was taken on November 8, 2008, at the MIGHTY 47 (MIdwest GrapH TheorY) Meeting at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

The conference had 72 participants; most are in this picture. Let your mouse hover over a face to see the name of the participant. (Note: Naming locations in a photograph like this is not hard; see the source file for this page.)

Other participants not present in this photo (or being one of the five unidentified faces): Mustafa Atici, Jay Bagga, Oluyato Boyinbode, Todd Dang, Pauline Fotso, Peter Hamburger, Glenn Harris, Adrian Heinz, Lou Ibarra, Garry Johns, Sanjiv Kapoor, Jon Konvalina, Hong Liu, Yacin Nadji, Suil O, Ilya Safro, Andrew Schwartz, Nart Shawash, Stacy Staples, Despina Stasi, Yihan Su, Ozgur Sumer, Yuxiang Tan, Bridget Tenner, William Vautaw

group photo