Sumner's Universal Tournament Conjecture (1971)

Originator: David Sumner (University of South Carolina)

Definitions: An oriented tree is a digraph that is an orientation of a tree. A branching is an oriented tree that has contains paths from one vertex to all other vertices.

Conjecture: For n > 1, every tournament of order 2n-2 contains every oriented tree of order n.

Comments: Reid and Wormald [RW] proved that near-regular tournaments of this order contain all oriented trees. On the other hand, Havet and Thomassé [HT2] proved that every tournament with 2n-2 vertices contains every branching with n vertices.

When all tournaments must contain all oriented n-vertex trees, a succession of papers has improved the upper bound on the number of vertices that suffice. Wormald [W] showed that nlg(2n/e) vertices suffice. Häggkvist and Thomason [HT1] proved that 12n and asymptotically (4+o(1))n vertices suffice. Havet [H] used their method to improve it to 7.6n. Havet and Thomassá [HT2] then improved the bound to (7n-5)/2 using median orders, where a median order of a tournament T is a transitive tournament on V(T) having the most edges in common with T. Finally, El Sahili [E] further pursued the use of median orders to prove that every tournament with 3n-3 vertices contains every oriented tree with n vertices. (Thanks to Kunal Dutta for communicating these results.)

More recently, Tássio Naia communicated that the conjecture has been proved for all sufficiently large tournaments by Kühn, Mycroft and Osthus [KMO].

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