Mathematical Thinking - Changes to 2nd edition

Please send corrections and comments to Corrections will be made in later printings.

These items are listed in several categories. Category 1 lists items discovered since the third printing in 2001. Category 2 lists mathematical and notational corrections that were implemented for the second and third printings in 2000 and 2001. Category 3 lists minor changes such as the fixing of typographical errors, also implemented for those printings. Readers who have the third printing (or later) of the second edition need only check Category 1. (Contributors are named in parentheses.)

Note: Some corrected pages for the second printing were processed with the wrong command. This has introduced some cross-referencing errors and perhaps other errors. The following have been discovered.

Category 1: Corrections and Clarifications since the 2001 printing

. . . not yet implemented in the text

Category 2: Mathematical Corrections made in early printings

. . . (2a): submitted for the third printing (April, 2001)

. . . (2b): made for the second printing (February, 2000)

Category 3: Typos and Clarifications corrected in early printings

. . . (3a): submitted for the third printing (April, 2001)

. . . (3b): submitted for the second printing (February, 2000)

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