Introduction to Graph Theory - Second Edition

by Douglas B. West

Typos Page

This page lists minor typographical errors in the text. Items in this list include misspellings, errors in punctuation, clarification of wording, etc. These errors are very minor and don't interfere with understanding of the text; they are listed here so that further readers need not duplicate effort by sending them in.

Contributors names appear in parenthesis. In particular, "JG" denotes John Ganci, who has read the book amazingly carefully. Please send contributions for this page to

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Minor corrections being IMPLEMENTED for the fourth printing

A few minor corrections are being made on pages being corrected for other reasons.

Typos found since the second printing (or postponed)

Subsequent items on this page were corrected in the second printing of the second edition EXCEPT for those in this section. Corrections listed in this section have not yet been made.

Minor corrections for Chapters 1-7 IMPLEMENTED for the second printing

Minor corrections for Chapter 8 IMPLEMENTED for the second printing

Minor corrections for the Appendices IMPLEMENTED for the second printing