Introduction to Graph Theory - Second Edition

by Douglas B. West

Comments Page

This page contains comments and updates on the text. These include corrections to attributions and references, comments on exercises and exposition, etc.

Contributors names appear in parenthesis. In particular, "JG" denotes John Ganci, who has read the book amazingly carefully, and "FG" denotes Fred Galvin, who has contributed many improvements for the text and exercises. Please send contributions for this page to

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Planned Future Changes

The comments in this first section will mostly not be implemented in reprintings of the second edition. The content of the text should not generally be changed between printings except for corrections. These items will be implemented in the third edition.

All subsequent comments and updates on this page were implemented for the second printing of the second edition.

Comments and Updates for Chapters 1-7

Comments and Updates for Chapter 8

Comments and Updates for Appendices