Combinatorial Mathematics - Fall 2003 Typos

This page lists the typographical errors that have been discovered in the Fall 2003 pre-publication version of Combinatorial Mathematics, by Douglas B. West. The text went to the copy shop on September 15; the corrections listed were discovered since that printing. This page is of interest only to those persons having a copy of this draft, particularly the students in my course, other users of the text, and reviewers. Please send comments and corrections on the book to west @ Contributors are noted in parentheses; "(JG)" denotes John Ganci.

Category 1: Mathematical typos/corrections to text

Category 2: Comments, clarifications, and cross-references

Category 3: Minor typos and corrections

Note: Many minor corrections involving addition, deletion, or alteration of one punctuation mark have been implemented without being listed here. Some corrections to capitalization are also omitted.

Archive of corrections to Fall 2002 version