Almost Lyapunov functions

D. Liberzon, C. Ying and V. Zharnitsky, On Almost Lyapunov functions, ( PDF), in Proceedings of the 53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Los Angeles, CA, Dec 2014, pp. 3083-3088.

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S. Liu, D. Liberzon, V. Zharnitsky, Almost Lyapunov functions for Nonlinear Systems, ( PDF), submitted in December 2018.

Linear search problem.

This problem was introduced by Beck and Bellman: "An immobile hider is located on the real line according to a known probability distribution. A searcher, whose maximal velocity is one, starts from the origin and wishes to discover the hider in minimal expected time. It is assumed that the searcher can change the direction of his motion without any loss of time. It is also assumed that the searcher cannot see the hider until he actually reaches the point at which the hider is located and the time elapsed until this moment is the duration of the game." It is obvious that in order to find the hider the searcher has to go a distance x1 in one direction, return to the origin and go distance x2 in the other direction etc., (the length of the n-th step being denoted by xn), and to do it in an optimal way. (However, an optimal solution need not have a first step and could start with an infinite number of small 'oscillations'.) This problem is usually called the linear search problem and a search plan is called a trajectory. It has attracted much research, some of it quite recent ... (Wikipedia).

Y.M. Baryshnikov, V. Zharnitsky, Search on the brink of chaos, ( PDF), Nonlinearity 25 (2012) 3023-3047. In this work, we found a geometric characterization of the optimal search plan as an unstable separatrix in an associated Hamiltonian dynamical systems.

This shorter version ( PDF) has appeared in Proceedings of the Meeting on Analytic Algorithmics & Combinatorics, Kyoto, Japan, January 16, 2012.

High frequency dynamics of nonlinear dispersive waves.

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Acute triangulation.

E. VanderZee, A. N. Hirani, D. Guoy, V. Zharnitsky, E. Ramos, Geometric and combinatorial properties of well-centered triangulations in three and higher dimensions, ( PDF), Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications 46, 700–724, 2013.

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Billiard problems.

These papers deal with the classical billiard problem.

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Hamiltonian dynamics. Applications of KAM theory.

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sine-Gordon equation and physics applications.

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Nonlinear optics. Ground state solutions.

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Cyclic Evasion

M. Arnold, V. Zharnitsky, Cyclic evasion in the three bug problem, ( PDF ), The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 122, No. 04 (April 2015), pp. 377-380. 2015.

M. Arnold, M. Golich, A. Grim, L. Vargas, V. Zharnistky, Square and bow-tie configurations in the cyclic evasion problem, (PDF), Nonlinearity Vol 30, Number 5. , 2017.

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