MATH 595  Water Waves, Spring 2018

Instructor  Vera Mikyoung Hur
Time and Location  R 11:00-12:20am in 441 Altgeld Hall
Office Hours  Make an appointment by email.

Course Notes and References

1. Introduction

2. Zakharov's Formulation and Hamiltonian (guest lecture by Sergey Dyachenko)

3. Shallow Water Theory (scribe: Derek Kielty)

4. KdV Theory, the Whitham Equation, and Wave Breaking (scribe: Gayana Jayasinghe)

See also

5. Hamiltonian Mechanics and FPU to KdV (guest lecture by Sergey Dyachenko)

6. Well-posedness vs. Wave Breaking for fKdV

See also

7. Ill-posedness for fKdV

8. Small Data and Long Time Existence (scribe: Haojian Li)

See also

10. Stability of KdV Solitary Waves (scribe: Matt Ellis)

11. Solitary Water Waves (scribe: Ashish Pandey)

See also

12. Global Bifurcation of Stokes waves (scribe: Sam Wester)

13. Modulational instability and variational structure (scribe: Peixue Wu)

14. Nondegenercy (scribe: Shunkun Wu)