It is well known that the classical self-similar Sierpiński carpet, equipped with the Euclidean metric and Hausdorff measure in its dimension log 8/log 3 does not satisfy the p-Poincare inequality of Heinonen and Koskela [1] for any finite p. We consider non-self-similar carpets. For a sequence a=(a1,a2,...) of reciprocals of odd integers, carry out the following recursive procedure:

Let Sa,m denote the union of the squares at stage m and let Sa be the intersection of the sets Sa,m. Then Sa is a compact planar set, topologically equivalent to the usual Sierpiński carpet. The figure above shows the set S(1/3,1/5,1/7,...). In the case when the sequence a is in l2, the carpet Sa has positive area.

In [2] we prove the following results:

(*) a is in l1 if and only if Sa (equipped with Euclidean metric and Lebesgue measure) satisfies the 1-Poincare inequality.

(**) For any a in l2, the carpet Sa satisfies the p-Poincare inequality for each p>1.

These are the first known examples of compact Euclidean sets without interior which support Poincare inequalities when equipped with the Euclidean metric and Lebesgue measure.

[1] J. Heinonen and P. Koskela, "Quasiconformal maps in metric spaces with controlled geometry", Acta Math. 181 (1998), no. 1, 1–61.

[2] J. M. Mackay, J. T. Tyson and K. Wildrick, "Modulus and Poincare inequalities on non-self-similar Sierpiński carpets", GAFA 23 (2013), no. 3, 985-1034.