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Conference on Geometric Analysis and Applications

July 12-15, 2006

Urbana, Illinois

The focus of the conference will be on recent developments in the study of geometry and analysis in metric measure spaces with an emphasis on sub-Riemannian geometric analysis, including applications to problems in robotics, control theory, the geometry of the visual cortex, and digital image reconstruction.


  • Anthony Bloch (University of Michigan)
  • Mario Bonk (University of Michigan)
  • Roger Brockett (Harvard University)
  • Monique Chyba (University of Hawaii)
  • Giovanna Citti (University of Bologna)
  • Michael Cowling (University of New South Wales)
  • Selim Esedoglu (University of Michigan)
  • David Herron (University of Cincinnati)
  • R. Andrew Hicks (Drexel University)
  • Robert Hladky (Dartmouth College)
  • Islam Hussein (University of Illinois)
  • Maria Karmanova (Novosibirsk State University)
  • Bruce Kleiner (Yale University)
  • Leonid Kovalev (Texas A&M University)
  • Valentino Magnani (University of Pisa)
  • Duy-Minh Nhieu (Georgetown University)
  • Istvan Prause (University of Helsinki)
  • Christina Selby (Purdue University)
  • Raul Serapioni (University of Trento)
  • Davide Vittone (Scuola Normale Superiore, University of Pisa)
  • Sergey Vodop'yanov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics)
  • Ben Warhurst (University of New South Wales)
  • Xiangdong Xie (University of Cincinnati)


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