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Math 441 (Differential Equations) Fall 2005

Course Description

This course provides a rigorous introduction to the subject of ordinary differential equations. Topics which we will cover include homogeneous and nonhomogeneous linear equations, series solutions and linear and nonlinear systems . We will concentrate heavily on the theoretical underpinnings of the subject, and give detailed discussions and proofs of the fundamental theorems. At the same time, we will indicate many of the numerous applications of differential equations to problems in engineering and the sciences. We will use the software package IODE (Illinois ODE's), developed here at the University of Illinois, as a tool for graphical visualization and numerical computation. This will entail at least one class meeting in a computer lab and several outside projects on your part. The prerequisite is completion of a course in multivariable calculus (Math 242, 243, or the equivalent). In addition, prior completion of Math 347 or 348 is highly recommended.


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