Math 448 - Complex Variables - Spring 2019

Instructor: Professor Alexander Tumanov
E-mail: tumanov at illinois dot edu
Office: 233A Illini Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 or by appointment. Let me know right after your class if you are coming to my office at 11:00.
Class Meets: TR 9:30-10:50 in 137 Henry Bld.
Text: S. D. Fisher, Complex Variables, 2nd Edition, Dover, 1999.

Course Material: Complex analysis is a fascinating subject and it has applications to nearly every area of mathematics. I hope you will find it beautiful. We will cover Chapters 1-3 of the textbook and part of Chapters 4-5 if time permits.

Homework: Weekly homework assignments will be posted to this web site. Homework will be collected on Tuesday before class. No late homework. You may want to do more practice problems than I assign. I will drop the lowest homework when calculating your final grade (a dropped homework may be a zero). To simplify grading, please use a separate sheet of paper for each homework problem.

Quizzes: Weekly quizzes may be given every Thursday in the beginning of the class period except when an exam is scheduled for that week. As a rule, each quiz will cover material of the previous week. Quizzes will be about 10-15 minutes long. No make-up quizzes will be given. I will drop the lowest quiz when calculating your final grade (a dropped quiz may be a zero).

Calculators: Calculators are not allowed in exams and quizzes. They would be a hindrance and distraction, and in most cases completely useless.

Cell phones: Cell phones must be turned off during all class meetings.

Exams: There will be three midterm exams on Thursdays Feb 14, Mar 14, and Apr 18. The midterm exams will take place during regular class meetings in the regular room. The final exam is scheduled for 1:30-4:30pm, Thursday, May 9. Books, notes, calculators, cell phones, other electronic devices will not be allowed. No make-up exams will be given after the fact. However, if the exam schedule conflicts with a university-sponsored activity (conference, competition, etc.), a make-up exam in advance may be arranged. In case of documented illness or emergency, an exam may be dropped.

Grading: Your course grade will be based on three midterm exams, homework, quizzes, and the final exam. Each midterm exam is worth 17.5%, homework and quizzes altogether - 17.5%, and the final exam - 30%. Tentative curve:
A(+/-): 86-100%; B(+/-): 72-85%; C(+/-): 57-71%; D(+/-): 40-56%.
I may slightly adjust the curve later to see it fit.

Concluding Remarks: The course will be challenging for most students. You will have to understand the proofs of theorems and derivations of formulas. Learn the ideas, don't memorize solutions to particular examples. Express yourself clearly. Start working early. Take good notes in class. Get prepared for every class meeting so you can participate. Your grade and satisfaction will depend on your effort.

Start working today. Tomorrow may be too late.

Good Luck!