Ebru Toprak

Email: toprak2 (at) illinois.edu
Office:101 Altgeld Hall

I am currently a Phd student at UIUC. My research area is Harmonic Analysis and PDE's. My current work focuses on dispersive Partial Differential Equations.

Advisor: Prof. M. Burak Erdogan


  • (with B. Erdogan and W.Green ) "Dispersive estimates for massive Dirac operators in dimension two ",J. Differntial Equations (2018), Volume 264, 5802-5837 [pdf]
  • (with B. Erdogan and W.Green ) "Dispersive estimates for Dirac operators in dimension three with obstructions at threshold energies ", to appear American Journal of Mathematics, [pdf]
  • (with W.Green ) "Decay estimates for four dimensional Schrodinger, Klein Gordon and wave equations with obstructions at zero energy",Differential and Integral Equations, Volume 30, Number 5/6 (2017), 329-386 [pdf]
  • A weighted estimate for two dimensional Schrodinger, Matrix Schrodinger and wave equations with resonance of the first kind at zero.", J. Spectr. Theory 7 (2017), 1235-1284. [pdf]

  • Teaching

  • Math 231: Calculus 2 -Summer 2017

  • Math 221: Calculus I - Fall 2016
  • Math 231: Calculus II- Spring 2015
  • Math 241: Calculus III- Fall 2014

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