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Travis Nell

About Me

I am a fifth year student in mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I completed my BS in mathematics in 2013 at Carnegie Mellon University. I passed my preliminary exam in August 2015 and am now working on my thesis research.

Contact Information

Office: 108 Altgeld Hall
E-mail: tnell2 at illinois dot edu


I study tame geometry, and dependent expansions of o-minimal structures. In particular, I have recently been interested in questions around distality.


Spring 2014: Math 241
Fall 2014: Math 415
Spring 2015: Math 415
Summer 2015: NetMath 415
Fall 2015: Math 415 (Head TA)
Spring 2016: Math 415
Summer 2016: NetMath 415
Fall 2016: Math 241 (Head TA)
Spring 2017: NetMath 241
Fall 2017: Math 415

Papers and Preprints

Distal and Non-Distal Pairs, with Philipp Hieronymi, J. Symb. Logic 82 (2017) 375-383.
Wild Theories with O-Minimal Open Core, with Philipp Hieronymi and Erik Walsberg (preprint, submitted)

Selected Talks

2016 North American ASL Meeting
Lecture on Keisler Measures (Heavily Based on Bourbaki Seminar Notes by Starchenko and not Fully Edited)

Some Link(s)

My Ph.D advisor: Philipp Hieronymi