Merit Calculus 3 Spring 2007

Professor Nevins is the lecturer for this course. Click here for his course webpage.
My office hours are Monday 3-3:50pm, Wednesday 4-4.50pm in 173 Altgeld. You can also email me ( and make an appointment to see me in my office, 150 Altgeld. I strongly encourage you to come to office hours or make an appointment with any questions you have.
Occasionally it helps to hear someone else's explanation of calculus. You can find a list of tutoring options (some free, some not) at .

Copies of the worksheet and practice exams will be posted on this website. For technical reasons, the pdf versions of these files may lack some of the diagrams in the originals.
Worksheet 0
Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2
Worksheet 3
Worksheet 4
Worksheet 5
Worksheet 6
Worksheet 7
Worksheet 8
Practice Exam 1
Worksheet 9
Worksheet 10
Worksheet 11
Worksheet 12
Worksheet 13
Practice Exam 2 Usual warnings apply: I have not seen the exam and I am not writing the exam.
Worksheet 14
Worksheet 15
Worksheet 16
Worksheet 17
Worksheet 18
Worksheet 19
Worksheet 20
Practice Exam 3
Worksheet 21
Worksheet 22
Worksheet 23
Worksheet 23 Sheet 2
Worksheet 24
Worksheet 25
Worksheet 26
Worksheet 27

Final Exam, Saturday, May 5th, 8-11am

Final Exam Review Session (Wednesday, May 2nd 7-9pm)

Best of luck in all your exams. Thanks for a great semester!

Some questions on these worksheets are taken from the Conceptests of Mark Schlatter, Dept. of Mathematics, Centenary College of Louisiana. Many are from the worksheets of previous merit TA's.

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