Math 518,   Differntial Manifolds 1,   Fall 2021

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  Susan Tolman     tolman (at)     344a Illini     244-6260     In 344a Altgeld: Monday 12-1
On zoom: Tuesday 12-1  

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  X1   MWF 10 AM   241 Altgeld   1:30 PM Monday, December 13     Altgeld 241  
General course information:
Detailed diary describing all assigments with links to homeworks, lecture notes, etc.:
Introduction to Smooth Manifolds by John M. Lee, Second edition
You should have access to this book for free through your university account.
Zijing Ye
zijingy2 (at) &nbs
All department mailboxes are located in 250 Altgeld Hall.
There will be weekly homework assignment, posted on the diary by Friday and due on Wednesdays. The homework counts for 35% of the course grade. No late homework will be graded. However, late homework is worth doing and handing in, and will be considered in borderline cases. Homework must either be handed in in class, or placed in the grader's mail box before class. Please do not leave homework in my mailbox. Note: Now, all HW is submitted online.
I will drop the lowest homework. Alternatively, if your lowest exam grade is lower than your lowest homework, I will reduce the weight of that exam grade. I will reduce it by an equiva
There will be one take home midterm. This will be open book and open notes, but no outside materials are permitted. The current plan is for this to be due Wednesday, October 13 before class. let me know as soon as possible -- not right before the exam.
Each midterm counts for 25% of your grade. The final exam covers the entire course, and counts for 40% of the course grade.
The reading for each given in the course diary; you may want to read the pages ahead of time.