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Hal Schenck

Mathematics Department, 1409 W. Green St
University of Illinois
Urbana, IL 61801
tel: 217-333-2229
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Who am I?

I am a Professor in the Mathematics Department at University of Illinois. My research interests are interdisciplinary: my background is in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. I'm especially interested in problems which can be studied from a computational standpoint, and in interactions with problems in applied mathematics. My current applied work is on two themes:

On the more theoretical side, I enjoy working on problems at the interface of discrete geometry and algebra; for example I've also worked on questions involving free resolutions and syzygies, coding theory, rational surfaces and postulation, stability and jump loci of vector bundles, and geometric complexity theory. I did my graduate work at Cornell, and postdoctoral work at Cornell, Harvard, and Northeastern; prior to coming to Illinois I was a professor at Texas A&M. Here's my vita html and pdf.

Information for students

In Spring 2017 I'm teaching Math 231: Calculus II and Math 511: Algebraic Geometry. I also recently taught a minicourse for talented high school students on the mathematics of Google. For students interested in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry, here are a few thoughts on what to read and how to choose an advisor. Below are webpages of students and postdocs:
Here are notes from a lunch talk I've given several times on the Job Hunt.



Upcoming/Recent talks and conferences


Conference and Workshop Organization



o The method of shifted partial derivatives cannot separate the permanent from the determinant (with Klim Efremenko, J.M. Landsberg, Jerzy Weyman), Mathematics of Computation, to appear.
o Logarithmic vector fields for curve configurations in P^2 with quasihomogeneous singularities, (with Hiroaki Terao and Masahiko Yoshinaga), Mathematical Research Letters, to appear.
o Polynomial interpolation in higher dimension: from simplicial complexes to GC sets (with Nathan Fieldsteel), SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, 55 (2017), 131-143.
o Subdivision and spline spaces (with Tatyana Sorokina), Constructive Approximation, to appear.
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o On minimal free resolutions of sub-permanents and other ideals arising in complexity theory (joint with Klim Efremenko, J.M. Landsberg, Jerzy Weyman).
o The Weak Lefschetz property for quotients by Quadratic Monomials (joint with Juan Migliore and Uwe Nagel).

Computational mathematics

oMacaulay2: A program for computing in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry.
oCoCoA: Another option for computing in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry.
oPorta (and others): Programs for polyhedral geometry.
oSingular: A program for computations in local rings and singularities.
oSchubert: A program for enumerative geometry.
oSplinetool: Macaulay2 script which builds the chain complexes and allows computation of various homology modules associated to splines.
oArrangetool: Macaulay2 script for computations involving three arrangements.

Useful math sites

o ams web page
o siam web page
o Algebraic Geometry preprints
oMSRI (Berkeley).