Laura Schaposnik


Boston, 2014

Champaign (USA),

Urbana (USA),

Chicago (USA),

Kickapoo (USA),

Aurora (USA),

New York (USA),

Boston (USA),

Davis (USA),

Berkeley (USA),

San Francisco (USA),

Pasadena (USA),

Santa Catalina (USA),

Santa Barbara (USA),

Los Angeles (USA),

Joshua Tree (USA),

Galeto (USA),

Stanford (USA),

Santa Cruz (USA),

Palo Alto (USA),

South Bend (USA),

Philadelphia (USA),

Ann Arbor (USA),

Washington (USA),

Lafayette (USA),

Buenos Aires (Argentina),

La Plata (Argentina),

Chacarita (Argentina),

Lima (Peru),

Madrid (Spain),

Miraflores (Spain),

Heidelberg (Germany),

Bonn (Germany),

Berlin (Germany),

Hannover (Germany),

Singapore (Singapore),

Sentosa (Singapore),

Beijing (China),

Hong Kong (China),

Mutianyu (China),

Tioman (Malaysia),

Hanoi (Vietnam),

Halong Bay (Vietnam),

Perfume Pagoda (Vietnam),

Pohang (Korea),

Gyeongju (Korea),

Seoul (Korea),

Tokyo (Japan),

Adelaide (Australia),

Sydney (Australia),

Bondi Beach (Australia).

Department of Mathematics

University of Illinois

331 Illini Hall

1409 West Green Street

Urbana, IL  61801


Here is my CV.

Here are my publications.

Here is some Maths & Photography.

Here is my Project 365.


This Project 365 is intended to collect one photo each day during the year 2014, reflecting what I believe is an interesting, although possibly un-noticeable, situation - and also sometimes tiny things I hear, read or learn.

You’ll find here photos of my everyday life as a mathematician (half a year in Europe, half a year in the US) , as well as photos from research trips or holidays. If you’d like any of the photos in better resolution, email me at, and I’ll be happy to send them for non-commercial use. 

Here is my Project 365 for 2013.

And here is my Project 365 for 2014 in a Blog.

I will update this website every monday (approx.).