The GEAR Junior Retreat is designed is to build bridges between the different interest groups in the network - and more broadly among mathematicians working in areas relating to GEometric structures And Representation varieties. The meeting is mainly aimed at PhD students and recent post-docs, and during the ten days the following themes will be featured:

  1. 1. Dynamics on Moduli Spaces

  2. 2. Geometric and Analytical Group Theory

  3. 3. Geometric Structures and Teichmüller Spaces

  4. 4. Higgs Bundles

  5. 5. Hyperbolic manifolds

During the mornings there will be 8 mini-courses on topics related to the above theme, aiming to introduce the audience to current developments in the area. Each mini-course will have an exercise session, as well as an open problems discussion hour, during which experts in the field shall present and expand on open questions in each area.


During the afternoons there will be short talks by young researchers on topics related to the above themes.


Funding will preferentially go to GEAR members and graduate students/postdocs at GEAR nodes; excess resources may be available for other participants. Applications received by February 1st are guaranteed full consideration, although applications will be accepted after this target date.

If you receive GEAR funding you must buy a ticket with a US air carrier or provide documentation of why this is unreasonable.

We will update information on the Reimbursement procedure very soon. Please, keep all your receipts safe in the meanwhile.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Junior Retreat


Dick Canary

Steve Kerckhoff

Michelle Lee

Ben Linowitz

Sara Maloni

Andy Sanders

Laura Schaposnik

Anna Wienhard

GEAR Executive Committee

Steven Bradlow

William Goldman

Steve Kerckhoff

Richard Wentworth

Anna Wienhard

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