Course Information (pdf)

Instructor: Siegfred Baluyot
email: sbaluyot (at) illinois (dot) edu
office hours: Wednesdays 4:10-5:10 PM and Thursdays 3:10-4:10 PM, or by appointment, in 230 Illini Hall

Textbook: Elementary Number Theory by James K. Strayer (2002)


HW 1 Due September 7

HW 2 Due September 14

HW 3 Due September 21

HW 4 Due September 28

HW 5 Due October 5

HW 6 Due October 12

HW 7 Due October 19

HW 8 Due October 26

HW 9 Due November 2

HW 10 Due November 9

HW 11 Due November 16

HW 12 Due November 30

HW 13 Due December 7

Lecture Notes

You can see your grades and access the lecture notes at the Learn@Illinois website.


There will be three midterms and one final exam. All exams will be closed-book and closed-notes. No calculators or other electronic devices will be allowed.

Midterm exams will be during class time, in our classroom. Make sure your solutions are clear and organized, and include all the necessary details. Merely writing down the answer without showing any work will receive little or no credit.

Exam Date
Midterm 1 September 24 (Monday)
Midterm 2 October 19 (Friday)
Midterm 3 November 14 (Wednesday)

Final Exam Schedule

December 19 (Wednesday) at 7:00 PM

Important Dates

  • October 19: Last day to drop, CR/NCR, or elect Grade Replacement in a full semester course (Office of the Registrar)
  • November 17-25: Thanksgiving Vacation
  • December 14-20: Final exams week