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Honors Homework 1 due Sept 25

Honors Homework 2 due Oct 9

Honors Homework 3 due Oct 23

Honors Homework 4 due Nov 6

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Honors Homework 6 due Dec 11

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    The focus of this course is vector calculus, which concerns functions of several variables and functions whose values are vectors rather than just numbers. In this broader context, we will revisit notions like continuity, derivatives, and integrals, as well as their applications (like finding minima and maxima). We will explore new geometric objects such as vector fields, curves, and surfaces in 3-space and study how these relate to differentiation and integration. The highlight of the course will be theorems of Green, Stokes, and Gauss, which relate seemingly disparate types of integrals in surprising ways.

    As an honors section, we will cover roughly the same material as the regular Math 241 sections, but in greater depth, and we will also explore selected additional topics. The honors course is more challenging, more labor-intensive, but also intellectually more rewarding, than the standard version of Math 241. It requires a significant commitment of time and effort, and you have to be willing and able to make such a commitment. If you want an easy A, then this course is not for you. On the other hand, if you are curious about what goes on behind the scenes and why a particular formula or recipe works, if you are not intimidated by occasional excursions into n-dimensional space and more abstract topics, and if you want to get challenged beyond the routine and experience the satisfaction you get from solving such challenges, then this course is for you.

    Study tips: This course is challenging and requires time commitment. Proficiency will be achieved only through hard work, massive problem solving, and active participation in class discussions. Please take advantage of the office hours of the instructor as well as the teaching assistants.


    We will cover Chapters 12-16 of

    Please note that this course uses the 8th edition rather than the 7th. You will also need WebAssign access to do the homework. For complete information on purchasing options for both, see this page. If you have the standard text and WebAssign package from Math 220, 221, or 231 for last year, then you already have everything you need for this course.


    worksheets 7%
    online homework 7%
    honors homework 5%
    midterm exams 3x17%
    final exam (comprehensive) 30%

    Worksheets: Most discussion section meetings will include a worksheet which will be graded for effort and participation. Missing a worksheet results in a score of zero, but the lowest 4 scores in this category will be dropped.

    Online Homework: Online homework will be assigned weekly, and will generally be due at 8:00am the following Wednesday unless otherwise noted on the assignment. The homework will be completed online via WebAssign. Late homework will not be accepted. The lowest 2 homework scores will be dropped. To access WebAssign login here using your U of I netid and password:

    (You may need to wait 24-48 hours after registering for the course to be able to log in to WebAssign.)

    Honors Homework: These will be assignment sets consisting of more challenging honors level problems. There will be no dropped scores among the honors assignments, but these assignments will have more generous deadlines. Make sure your solutions are clear and organized, and include all the necessary details. Merely writing down the answer without showing any work will receive little or no credit.

    Exams: There will be three midterms and one final exam. All exams will be closed-book and closed-notes. No calculators or other electronic devices will be allowed. Midterm exams will be during class time, in our classroom. Make sure your solutions are clear and organized, and include all the necessary details. Merely writing down the answer without showing any work will receive little or no credit.

    Exam Date
    Midterm 1 September 25 (Wednesday)
    Midterm 2 October 23 (Wednesday)
    Midterm 3 November 20 (Wednesday)

    Final exam: December 17 (Tuesday) 8:00-11:00 AM in 101 ARMORY

    Missed exams policy: There will be no make-up exams. Rather, in the event of a valid illness, accident, or family crisis you can be excused from an exam so that it does not count toward your overall average. Such situations must be documented and the instructor reserves final judgment as to whether an exam will be excused. All such requests should be made to the instructor in advance if possible, but in any event no more than one week after the exam date.

    Policy for missed worksheets or homework : Generally, these are taken care of with the policy of dropping the lowest scores. For extended absences, these are handled in same way as missed exams.

    Students with disabilities: Students who require reasonable accommodations should contact the instructor as soon as possible. In particular, any accommodation on exams must be requested at least a week in advance and will require a letter from DRES.

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