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Math 518 - Differentiable Manifolds I - Fall 2020

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The notion of differentiable manifold makes precise the concept of a space which locally looks like the usual euclidean space Rn. Hence, it generalizes the usual notions of curve (locally looks like R1) and surface (locally looks like R2). This course consists of a precise study of this fundamental concept of Mathematics and some of the constructions associated with it: for example, much of the infinitesimal analysis (i.e., differential and integral calculus) extends from euclidean space to smooth manifolds. On the other hand, the global analysis of smooth manifolds requires new techniques and even the most elementary questions quickly lead to open questions.
The main goals of this course are: If you would like to have a preview of this course and experience a taste of it, you may wish to watch an old recording of 3 lectures by Fields medalist John Milnor.

Lecturer: Rui Loja Fernandes
Email: ruiloja (at)
Office: 346 Illini Hall
Office Hours: See the moodle course webpage for weekly zoom sessions or contact the lecturer via email for other arrangements
Class meets: This course will be held on-line via zoom. See the moodle course webpage for details and recordings of the lectures
Prerequisites: Restricted to Graduate Students; Undergraduate students may register with approval; The course assumes some background in basic abstract algebra and point set topology.

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You can find the written version of the lecture notes here. The following two textbooks are highly recommended.

Grading Policy and Exams

There will be weekly homework (40%), 1 midterm (20%) and a final exam (40%). Details are given in the moodle course webpage.

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