Math 418: Abstract Algebra II

Course Information

Illini Hall 7, TR 9:30-10:50am.
Instructor: Rebecca Tramel.
Office Hours: Illini Hall 241 Tuesdays 11-12, Wednesday 3-4, or by appointment.
Text: Abstract Algebra (3rd Edition) by Dummit and Foote.


The goal of this course is to introduce important topics in the study of Algebra. The course will be divided into three major sections:
  1. Rings (Chapters 8 and 9),
  2. Fields (Chapters 13 and 14),
  3. Modules (Chapter 10 and 12).
At the end of the course, we will choose a few other topics to study as well, based on the interests of the class.


Weekly Homework (Best 9 of 11): 25%
Midterm Exams (Feb. 16, Mar. 17): 35%
Final Exam: 40%

Homework assignments will be graded on a two-tier system:


The two midterm exams are scheduled for Tuesday, February 16 and Thursday, March 17. The final exam is scheduled by the Registrar's office, and so the date and time will be listed later in the semester. Keep these dates in mind while scheduling holiday travel.


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