Syllabus for Math 490, Section E13/E14

Syllabus for Math 490, Section E13/E14

Text: Sheldon Ross, Introduction to Probability Models, 11th Edition, 2014, Academic Press

Course topics: We will quickly review the materials from the first 3 chapters. We will then cover most of materials in chapters 4, 5, 6 and 9 of the book.

Homework: Homework problems will be assigned daily. And I will also post the assigned exercises on the my home page. You can discuss homework problems with your friends, in fact, I encourage you to form groups of two or three to discuss the homework problems. After discussing the problems, I would like that each one of you write up your own solutions. Homework problems will be collected weekly on Fridays in class and 4 or 5 randomly selected problems will be graded. Late homework will not be graded and credited. The two lowest scores on the homework assignments will be dropped.

Grading policy: There will be 3 in class tests and a final exam. The test and the final will be in our usual classroom. There is no makeup for the tests except for medical reasons in which case you have to provide the instructor medical documents. Each test accounts for 20% of the grade, the final accounts for 30% of the grade and the homework accounts for 10% of the grade.

  • Final exam: 8:00-11:00 AM, Monday, May 7. The final is in our regular classroom.
  • Tests: Friay, February 23; Friday, March 30; Friday, April 27. These tests will be given in class.

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