Books authored by
Derek J. S. Robinson

Emeritus Professor, Department of Mathematics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  1. Finiteness Conditions and Generalized Soluble Groups, Springer, Berlin, 1972.
  2. A Course in Linear Algebra with Applications, 2nd ed., World Scientific, Singapore 1991.
  3. A Course in the Theory of Groups, 2nd ed., Springer, New York, 1995.
  4. Abstract Algebra. An Introduction with applications, 2nd ed., De Gruyter,Berlin, 2014.
  5. The Theory of Infinite Soluble Groups, (with J.C. Lennox), Oxford, 2004.
  6. Algebraic Models for Accounting Systems, (with S. Cruz Rambaud, J. Garcia Perez and R.A. Nehmer), World Scientific, Singapore, 2010.

Book edited

  • The Mathematical Legacy of Reinhold Baer, edited by P. Griffith and D.J. S. Robinson, Illinois J. Math., Urbana, IL 2003.
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