Math 125, Elementary Linear Algebra

Math 125, Elementary Linear Algebra, Section F1

Text: Linear Algebra for Business, by Bob Muncaster (see syllabus for how to buy)

Instructor: Rosemary Guzman

Email: rguzma1 [note: last digit is the numeral one] AT

Mode of instruction: This course will be taught entirely online. Lectures will be available as video modules. There will be no synchronous lectures, but there will be synchronous online tutoring hours.

Learning Management System: This class will be fully online. All course materials will be made available on Moodle, and all assignments and exams will be handled via Moodle. To log in to Moodle, please click here and log in using your university net-id and password, and two-factor authentication. Then go to MY COURSES and you should see this course there (you need to be registered for the course to see it).

Course Syllabus is here.

Homework and grading: There will be weekly homework assignments due during the semester. We will be using MyMathLab for individualized homework sets. To register, use the link to the system on your learn@illinois webpage. Your course grade will be based on homework and exams (midterm exams and cumulative final in Moodle).

Expectations: Students are expected to view all video modules, complete the homework assignments, and participate in virtual tutoring hours when they have questions.