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Tuesday meetings will be in 239 Altgeld

This page will serve as a summary resource of material related to the minicourse. There will be far more contained here than I'll be able to cover in class. As general references, here is a link to the Organization Sheet, and here is a link to a mathematical links page.

I keep a webpage of the original papers in the subject at the Stern vault. These are protected with a login and password, and I will give out this information in class.

Here are several sections of notes on the Stern sequence, which I have taught as a graduate topics course in Spring 2006 and Spring 2012. The first set of three was rewritten in 2012. I ran out of steam in rewriting the last five, and the fourth of those five actually became a paper. I hope to write a book out of them during the upcoming academic year.

2. Here are some illustrations related to the Stern sequence. You are warmly invited to adapt and play with these. We'll talk about these especially on Tuesdays with Mathematica.

3. Homework assignments from topics course, spring 2012 It wouldn't be fun if I posted the solutions also.

  1. First Assignment
  2. Second Assignment

4. Other organizational material: DH asked how to get the starred sums in Latex. What I eventually found out was to type $\sideset{}{^*} \sum_{n=a}^bf(n)$ I made a macro for the first expression.

5. Below this will be a summary of what went on each day.

M 6/17 -- Introductions, handouts, vague overview. We meet tomorrow in 102 Altgeld.

Tu 6/18 -- First Mathematica day. Basic files available for upload; see above.

W 6/19 -- Intro to generating functions. Not much Stern.

F 6/21 -- Intro to constant-coefficient recurrences. Not much Stern.

M 6/24 -- Running through chapter 1 of the notes. Mostly all Stern.

For our final meeting, first, look at this Mathematica demonstration page for the MinkowsiQuestionMark function.

I also started with a notebook linked to from the MathWorld page and made some changes. Stern Starter Notebook

Here is the Stern Starter Notebook

Here is the Stern Week Two Notebook

Here is the Stern Week Three Notebook

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