There are three items here. The first is a reconstruction of my talk on Jan. 18, 2014 at the JMM in Baltimore. (The original talk was on my Macbook, whose hard drive died about 12 hours later.) If you were at the talk and notice anything that I forgot to put in, please let me know. I was working from a fairly solid late draft. The second item is a link to my talk in Ft. Collins, which provides the motivation for my work. The third item is a collection of xeroxes of relevant articles. Again, if you can recommend other articles which belong here, please let me know.

1. Every math major should know this crazy theorem, (reconstructed)

2. On elliptesque and hyperbolesque curves (slightly corrected, twice)

3. Relevant shards of the literature, listed by author. More complete bibliographic information upon request:

  • Boole
  • Halphen
  • Sylvester
  • Sylvester's letter to Nature
  • article on Universal Knowledge and Information Office
  • Cartan
  • Lascoux