Algebraic Topology Discord

The Algebraic Topology server on Discord is a place for discussion of algebraic topology and related topics. It is supervised by a small team of moderators (including me), and we try to ensure that it remains a welcoming and supportive environment. Please contact any of the moderators if a problem arises.

There are around 500 members in the server (May 2021). The server has "channels" for discussion of various specific topics, both mathematical and non-mathematical. More channels can be added if the need arises. You can also direct-messsage any of the members to have private one-on-one (or small group) discussions. The server is linked to a "bot" which typesets LaTeX, which you can include in your messages.

Discord is a community based social media site, similar to Slack or IRC. It is free for users. It can be run from a web browser, although it is easier to use via an app (android, ios, pc, mac, linux).

You can join the server using this invite.

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