Math 527 (Rezk, 1:00 MWF, 347 Altgeld Hall).

Here is the course description.

Here are some previous emails I sent out.

Paper list

Here is the papers to choose from. Talk to me if you want to talk on a paper not on the list.

One-on-one meetings

Schedule one-on-one meeting here. If we need to meet via zoom, the link for that is here.

Reading responses

You can upload your reading responses to the Box folder I will send you via email. Make sure your last name is in the file name, and put it in the appropriate folder. Any reasonable format is ok: you can handwrite and scan as .pdf, or make a .txt file, or a .doc file, or a .pdf produced from TeX.

The idea of a reading response is to capture your thoughts about the paper. It need only be a few sentences. Here are some questions you can try answer in it.

Class schedule

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