Math 525 (Rezk, 1:00 MWF, 347 Altgeld Hall).

Here is the syllabus.


The main text is Hatcher. There are other references available online, such as:

Additional material

I'm going to post sections of my lecture notes from time to time, once I decide they are not nonsense. Note that these are written first for my benefit, and sometimes are a bit cryptic or omit details.


Midterm sometime in the middle.

Final, May.


The final is in class, at a time to be announced. It will be based on previous comps exams for Math 525. Old comps exams can be found here. (Before 2005, the course was called "Math 430". Older exams may have questions about de Rham cohomology of subsets of the plane; this topic isn't in the syllabus anymore, so you can ignore these.)


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