Math 417 (Rezk, Fall 2020, Sections D13 and E13).

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Course overview

This is an undergraduate course on abstract algebra. It begins by introducing various notions of algebraic structures, and then proceeds to develop the theories of groups and rings. The prerequisites for the course are linear algebra, and a course which teaches the basics of reading and writing proofs, such as Math 347. The course will be taught in person (events permitting). I am teaching two sections of this course: D13 (meeting 11am-noon MWF) and E13 (meeting 1pm-2pm MWF), both in Altgeld Hall 345. I will try to keep the two sections as identical as possible.

Course components


The course is based on my lecture notes, as well as on a free online textbook. The textbook is Goodman, Algebra: Abstract and Concrete (Links to an external site.), edition 2.6.


1 lowest homework will be dropped.

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