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My research is in combinatorics; more specifically but still broadly speaking, I like graph theory, graph colorings, hypergraphs, competitive optimization, and partially ordered sets.

Publications (and accepted articles):

  • N. Alon, A.V. Kostochka, B. Reiniger, D.B. West, X. Zhu. Coloring, sparseness, and girth. Accepted, Israel J. Math. [arXiv]
  • B. Reiniger and E. Yeager. Large subposets with small dimension. Accepted, Order. [arXiv]
  • A.V. Kostochka and B. Reiniger. The minimum number of edges in a 4-critical graph that is bipartite plus 3 edges. European J. Combin., 46:89-94, 2015. [web]
  • N. Kosar, S. Petrickova, B. Reiniger, and E. Yeager. A note on list-coloring powers of graphs. Discrete Math., 332:10-14, 2014. [arXiv; web]
  • S. Behrens, C. Erbes, M. Ferrara, S.G. Hartke, B. Reiniger, H. Spinoza, and C. Tomlinson. New results on degree sequences of uniform hypergraphs. Electron. J. Combin., 20(4):Paper 14, 2013. [web]
  • B. Collier, E. Kerman, B. Reiniger, B. Turmunkh, and A. Zimmer. A symplectic proof of a theorem of Franks. Compos. Math., 148(6):1969-1984, 2012. [arXiv]


  • C. Cox, M. Ferrara, R. Martin, B. Reiniger. Chv├ítal-type results for degree sequence Ramsey numbers. Submitted. [web]
  • J. Carraher, W. Kinnersley, B. Reiniger, and D.B. West. The game saturation number of a graph. Submitted. [arXiv]

Manuscripts in progress:

  • S. Loeb, T. Mahoney, B. Reiniger, J. Wise. Dynamically coloring graphs with given genus.

As an undergraduate I did some research in combinatorics, particularly Rosa-type graph labelings. I have worked with the combinatorics REGS group here at UIUC each summer since arriving in '09. In the 2010 summer I also worked on a REGS project concerning periodic points of Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms of the two-sphere.

I am broadly interested in most areas of mathematics. Areas that have attracted me most include combinatorics, geometric group theory, some category theory, cohomology of spaces and groups, and number theory.

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Giving a hypergraphic sequence talk, 2013.