About Me




About Me

I am originally from Southwestern Illinois, a short distance from Saint Louis. I attended Southwestern Illinois College for two years, Illinois State University for three years (two undergrad, one grad), and am now at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a PhD student in mathematics. I have worked as a tutor, teaching assistant, and in an actuarial capacity (and washing dishes and waiting tables). See my research page for more academic stuff.

I am recently married! She does art, especially puppets, and works with children.

I enjoy the outdoors, particularly in the fall. I play tennis when I can. I was once very involved in theater and would like to pick that up again. I have been brewing my own beer, wine, mead, and whatever else I can ferment since the summer of 2007; my brewing equipment steadily grows to take up more space. I own two motorcycles: a sizable Honda VTX and a smaller Honda Rebel; I don't get to ride as much as I should. I enjoy chess and especially chess variants (see my Links page). I am a volunteer editor for The Chess Variant Pages.

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Me, 2013