Math 482 Spring 2018

See the syllabus here for general course information and policies. Read the syllabus in detail before asking questions about the course. This website does not contain all of the information available in the syllabus.

Reading Assignments

1. All of Chapter 1 of the textbook including the Appendix.

2. All of Chapter 2 of textbook.

Homework Assignments

1. Homework 1 due January 31 at the beginning of class: Problems 3-11 and 13 from Chapter 1 of the text. Also Prove Propositions 1 (page 21) and 2 (page 22) in the Appendix of Chapter 1.

See a Solution to Homework 1 Problem 3 here

2. Homework 2 due Monday February 12. Chapter 2 Problems 2,3,8, 10, 11, 16 from the textbook.

A Note About Homework Preparation and Exams

This is a Mathematics Class and therefore you will be expected to show all work on homework and exams. For example, in Problem 5 of Homework 1, you are expected to compute some cardinalities. Show how you compute them or justify in proof format why. When a problem has a Yes or No answer, Yes requires a computation or a proof, and No requires a counterexample or proof. You will need to write things in more detail than I do in class-many of the things I say verbally in class when doing proofs on the board would be written out in an assignment.


There will be two take-home midterms, due at the beginning of class March 16 and April 20. They will be posted online one week in advance. If you will be late to class on these days, give the exams to me in advance. After 10 minutes after class starts I will NOT accept your Midterms. No exceptions.

Midterm 1 now posted!

Midterm 1 is due March 16, see the comments above. You can access it here. There are five problems, each worth 20 points, and the pdf is 3 pages long due to graphics. You may ask me questions about clarification but I will not give hints. Please carefully read all instructions regarding take home tests and read the instructions on the test carefully as well.

Final Exam

You will be given a take-home final. Finals are due in my office, NO later than 10 pm Wednesday, May 9 (this is the end of our alloted Finals time per the Math Department Schedule. I will accept final exams early in person, as well with the Midterms. All course materials (Lectures, Textbook, and Homework) may be used for the Final.


Office hours Tuesday March 13 are now via email. You may ask me questions over email regarding the midterm. See related announcement below. Office hours Thurdsay will be in 169 with the grader William Linz 3-4 pm. YOU MAY EITHER GIVE YOUR MIDTERM TO THE GRADER IN THIS HOUR OR TO THE MAIN MATH DEPARTMENTAL OFFICE BY 3 PM FRIDAY MARCH 16. DO NOT PUT ANY MIDTERMS IN MY MAILBOX AS I PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED AS A POSSIBILITY.

Class Wednesday March 14 is cancelled.

Old Midterm Announcements: You will not be responsible for anything after Section 2.6 as the strike and other issues have slowed us down. For example, you may need to answer questions about theorems or theoretical aspects of tableaux, but you will not be asked to perform an iteration of the simplex algorithm. Please don't forget to review Chapter 1. Expect a homework problem from Chapter 1 to be on the midterm.

Bland's Anti-Cycling Method will now be covered AFTER Midterm 1