Publications, submitted
  1. Synchronization conditions in the Kuramoto model and their relationship to seminorms, with Jared Bronski and Thomas Carty, submitted.
  2. Symbiosis, Stability, and Persistence, with Shinhae Park and Zoi Rapti, submitted.
Publications, accepted or in print

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  5. Optimizing Gershgorin for Symmetric Matrices, accepted in Linear Algebra and its Applications.

  6. Synchronization and Stability for Quantum Kuramoto, accepted in Journal of Statistical Physics.
  7. Configurational stability for the Kuramoto-Sakaguchi model, with Jared Bronski and Thomas Carty, accepted in Chaos.
  8. Stable Configurations in Social Networks, with Jared Bronski, Tim Ferguson, and Michael Livesay, accepted at Nonlinearity.

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