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I am a graduate student in my last year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I mostly think about homotopy theory, particularly if it includes some category theory. Concretely I am interested in foundations of higher category theory and higher topos theory, which I have been working on with my advisor Charles Rezk.

You can find out more about my research in my research statement. Here is my current CV. You can also find out more about me in the recent issue of the Math Times.

Before I came to Illinois, I was an undergrad at Shiraz University in the city of Shiraz, Iran. I also was a master student at the University of Western Ontario in Canada.

Information about the 2017-2018 TA award can be found here.

If you would like to know further about my work then feel free to email me under rasekh2 [at] .


Contact information

Email: rasekh2 [at]
Office: 113 Altgeld Hall
Office Phone: (217) 300-9542

Research Interests

Some buzz words: Higher Category Theory, Higher Topos Theory, Elementary Topos Theory, Homotopy Type Theory, Simplicial Homotopy Theory
More concretely I have thinking about developing a theory of a elementary higher topos. As is customary in higher category theory, in order to be able to formulate my ideas I first ventured into the realm of foundations. Collectively, I ended up working on the following projects in order to get to a theory of elementary higher topoi:

Publications & Preprints

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I have been a Teaching Assisstant in UIUC for the following courses:

Course Websites

Course website for Math 414: Mathematical Logic (Spring 2017)


Here are links to seminars I have organized.

Some Links

Here are links to the homepage of some people whose work I know or like:
Matt Ando, Nerses Aramian, David Gepner, Zhen Huan, Chris Kapulkin, Joachim Kock, Jacob Lurie, Aaron Mazel-Gee, Randy McCarthy, Eric Peterson, Charles Rezk, Emily Riehl, Mike Shulman, Sarah Yeakel

Here are some pages about topology:
List of topologists (by Andrew Baker)

Some links for different conferences and seminars related to homotopy theory:
A list of topology seminars (by Niles Johnson)
Another list of topology seminars (by Sarah Whitehouse)
The Midwest Topology Seminar
The Talbot Workshop
Graduate Student Topology and Geometry Conference
The UIUC Topology Seminar
The UIUC Graduate Student Topology and Geometry Seminar
The UIUC Graduate Student Homotopy Seminar

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