Syllabus for Math 461, Sections D13 and D14

Spring 2007, CRN 33452 and 39133

Problem sessions are Fridays from 10-11 in 169 Everitt. Bring your problems

Text: Ross, A First Course in Probability, 2006 (7th ed.), Prentice Hall
Course topics: Introductory Probability (see also the Course Catalog Entry for Math 361.

Grading policy: Final grades will be determined on the basis of the total numerical score (0-500 points) achieved on exams. Relative weights are:

Final: 150 pts (30% of grade)
Hourly Exam 1: 100 pts (20% of grade)
Hourly Exam 2: 100 pts (20% of grade)
Hourly Exam 3: 100 pts (20% of grade)
Weekly Quizzes: 50 pts (10% of grade)
Total: 500 pts (100% of grade)

  • Final exam: 8-11 AM, Wednesday December 12
  • Hourly exams: September 17, October 19, and November 12. These exams will be given in class.
  • Quizzes: There will be 12 surprise quizzes, each worth 10 points. The two lowest scores on these quizzes will be dropped. Quizzes will regularly be motivated by homework problems or the previous lectures.
  • Notes

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