Syllabus for Math 386, Section E1 (Introduction to Differential Equations Plus)

Course topic: Differential equations and some partial differential equations
Text: Edwards and Penney, Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems: Computing and Modelling, 2000, Prentice-Hall Press.

Outline: This course is intended for engineering students and others who require a working knowledge of differential equations, included are techniques and applications of ordinary differential equations, linear systems of differential equations, and an introduction to partial differential equations.

Provisional Schedule

Grading policy: Final grades will be determined on the basis of the total numerical score. Relative weights are:

Final: 26% of grade
Hourly Exam 1:18% of grade
Hourly Exam 2:18% of grade
Hourly Exam 3:18% of grade
Weekly Quizzes:10% of grade
Homework:10% of grade

Lecture Notes

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