Syllabus for Math 351, Section F1 (Financial Mathematics)

Course topic: Financial Mathematics
Text: The Mathematics of Finance by Goodman and Stampfli (Brooks/Cole, 2001).

Outline: This is an undergraduate course on some mathematical aspects of finance.  There are roughly two questions we will study.

The tone of the class will, as much as possible, be exploratory; I would like to forego the standard Socratic method for a more conversational framework. Ideally, I would like to present the basic ideas of some material and then have students present some material which can expand upon the basic ideas. Although it would help if you have had Math 361, it is not formally a prerequisite. In other words, although I would like mathematical maturity, I will settle for mathematical adolescence. This means that the students backgrounds will wildly vary and that we will need to proceed slowly (in contrast to the standard courses which need to proceed at a fixed pace due to curricular considerations); both sophomores, juniors, and seniors will hopefully find the material accessible. I am also investigating the possibility of using Mathematica. Grading policy: There will be three exams, final, and either some homeworks or some class presentations. The relative weights will be: