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Chapter 0: Introduction to statistical physics (pdf)

Chapter 1: Lorentzian Triangulations (pdf)

Complements to Chapter 1 (pdf)

(Convolution of fractions generating infinite matrices)

Chapter 2.1: ASMs and their combinatorial family (pdf)

Chapter 2.2: Integrable Lattice Models (pdf)

Exercise & solution: solving the YBE (pdf)

Chapter 2.3: Izergin-Korepin determinant and the counting of ASM (pdf)

Paper by Kuperberg proving the ASM conjecture (pdf)

Paper by Zeilberger proving the ASM conjecture (pdf)

Chapter 2.4: Computing the IK determinant in the homogeneous limit (pdf)

Chapter 3: The counting of DPP and the proof of the ASM-DPP conjecture (pdf)

Chapter 4: T-system, Lambda-determinant and ASM (pdf)