G4G - Gathering for Gardner 2012 at Urbana-Champaign

Time : October 26th - 5.30-8.30pm
Location: 314 Altgeld Hall.

Come join Champaign-Urbana's celebration of the spirit of recreational mathematics and fun math puzzles, and the life of math and science writer Martin Gardner. The University of Illinois and Wolfram Research will host a series of short talks by more than a dozen local mathematicians and computer scientists at the occasion of Gardner's 98th birthday. This event is part of the worldwide event Gathering for Gardner: Celebration of Mind. It is free and open to members of the public of all ages - no math training required to enjoy the presentations!

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5:30 PM : Ed Pegg: Introduction to Martin Gardner
5:40 PM : Matrix Math Club: Puzzle presentation
6:00 PM : John P D'Angelo: When is the sum of inverses the inverse of the sum?
6:10 PM : M.Tip Phaovibul: Money, Magic, Mathematics.
6:25 PM : Jonathan Manton: Archimedean Solids - Part I
6:35 PM : Bruce Reznick: Integer points in polygons and polyhedra
6:50 PM : Jonathan Manton: 3D Printing
6:55 PM : David Chatman: Mathematical Models in Altgeld Hall
7:00 PM : Break
7:20 PM : Joseph Vandehey: Sangaku - the temple geometry of Japan.
7:35 PM : Jonathan Manton: Archimedean Solids - Part II
7:50 PM : Bruce Carpenter: Magic Permutations
8:05 PM : Matrix Math Club: Presentation of the solutions of the puzzles

Be aware that all times stated are approximative and might change slightly in the course of the event. During the break light refreshments will be provided. For more information please contact Philipp Hieronymi under phierony - at - illinois.edu

For more information on the worldwide event, see http://www.g4g-com.org/ and http://www.puzzles.com/hexaflexagon/.

See also Vi Hart's Hexaflexagon videos promoting the Gardner day!

The organizers: Pete Glaze, Philipp Hieronymi, Ed Pegg