Pierre Albin

My Lecture Notes

An introduction to index theory on singular spaces, from a minicourse at the conference Noncommutative geometry and index theory for group actions and singular spaces, summer 2018.

Introduction to L2 cohomology, from a lecture series at the conference The Sen Conjecture and Beyond, summer 2017.

Linear analysis on manifolds, from courses taught at UIUC and Universita di Roma, La Sapienza.

Introduction to analysis on non-compact manifolds, from 18.158 at MIT.

My Students

Gayana Jayasinghe

Hadrian Quan

Melinda Lanius
PhD 2018, Thesis: Generically nondegenerate Poisson structures and their Lie algebroids

Conferences organized

In Fall 2019 I am co-organizing a semester on Microlocal Analysis at MSRI.

In December 2016 I co-organized a workshop at BIRS-Oaxaca, Geometric and Spectral Methods in Partial Differential Equations.
In July 2012 I co-organized a conference at CRM, Spectral Invariants on Non-compact and Singular Spaces.
In January 2011 I co-organized a conference at Luminy in honor of Rafe Mazzeo's 50th birthday, Analyse Géométrique.
In April 2009 I co-organized a conference at MIT in honor of Richard Melrose's 60th birthday, Singularities @ MIT.


Some of Melrose's academic family, 2019

Faces of women in mathematics

Michael Lewis commencement address