MATH 416: Abstract Linear Algebra
Spring 2021

Information about exams

There will be three midterms and a final. We will drop the lowest midterm score.
There will be three midterms but we will drop the lowest score. The midterms will be:
1)March 1 (covering hws 1-3),
2)March 29 (covering hws 4-7),
3)April 26 (covering hws 8-11).

As the date of an exam approaches, you can find more information about the exam here.

Final Exam

The final exam will be Friday, May 7, online. A practice exam will be available by the end of the day on Wednesday, April 28. Solutions to the practice final will be posted on Wednesday, May 5. The exam will be `takehome'. You may consult your book and your notes but I ask that you not consult anything else or anyone else. The final will be available between noon and 9pm in Urbana on Friday, May 7. You will have 180 minutes from when you start the exam, so you will want to start the exam at 6pm Urbana at the latest. If that time period conflicts for you, send me an email. (If you are in a different timezone, I recommend the webpage for easy comparison of times.)

The exam will cover everything after Hw 11, corresponding to sections 4.4 (isometries) - 6.3 of the texbook.