Spectral invariants on non-compact and singular spaces
July 2012

The development and use of spectral invariants on non-compact and singular spaces is a very active area of research with many promising avenues. The purpose of the workshop is to stimulate the exchange of ideas between experts dealing with spectral invariants in different, but related geometric contexts with the hope this will lead to new discoveries.



Organizers: Pierre Albin (UIUC), Frédéric Rochon (UQAM)

Funding agencies: CRM, NSF, ANU

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Slides and abstracts

Spyros Alexakis (University of Toronto), Loss of compactness and bubbling in the space of complete minimal surfaces in hyperbolic space

Dean Baskin (Northwestern University), Asymptotics of radiation fields in asymptotically Minkowski space

Jean-Michel Bismut (Université de Paris-Sud ), The hypoelliptic Laplacian

David Borthwick (Emory University), The distribution of resonances for potential scattering in hyperbolic space

Maxim Braverman (Northeastern University), Geometry of the Berry phase

Jochen Brüning (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Some remarks on the signature operator on Witt spaces

Tanya Christiansen (University of Missouri), Inverse obstacle scattering with generalized backscattering data in only one or two directions

Xianzhe Dai (University of California, Santa Barbara ), Bismut-Cheeger's eta form for manifolds with boundary

Kiril Datchev (MIT), Fractal Weyl laws for asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds

Daniel Grieser (Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg), The spectrum of triangles

Colin Guillarmou (École Normale supérieure), Microlocal limits of plane waves and scattering phase asymptotics

Chris Kottke (Brown University), A very smooth Dirac operator on loop space

Zhiqin Lu (UC Irvine), On the essential spectrum of complete Riemannian manifolds

Xiaonan Ma (Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7), Asymptotics of the analytic torsion

Jeremy Marzuola (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Dispersive estimates on polygons

Gerardo Mendoza (Temple University), Vanishing and embedding theorems of manifolds with R-action

Richard Melrose (MIT), Eta invariant on articulated manifolds

Jinsung Park (Korea Institute for Advanced Study), Eta invariant and Chern-Simons invariant for Schottky hyperbolic

Bert-Wolfgang Schulze (Universität Potsdam ), Ellipticity of operators on stratified spaces

Michael Singer (The University of Edinburgh), Asymptotics of partial density functions

Mathai Varghese (University of Adelaide), Geometry of Pseudodifferential algebra bundles and FIOs

András Vasy (Stanford University) The Laplacian on differential forms on asymptotically hyperbolic spaces

Siye Wu (The University of Hong Kong), Index gerbe and differential K-theory

Jared Wunsch (Northwestern University), Decay of waves on conic manifolds

Ken-Ichi Yoshikawa (Kyoto University), Singularities and analytic torsion